No better feeling in the world!

A cold but sunny wintery morning, in the beautiful Shropshire countryside, riding a gorgeous 15.1 hh well built Welsh mare, in good company – I didn’t want to be anywhere else in the world this morning!

Putting aside any nerves we had about stepping out of the relative security of the arena, trotting was the focus of our instructional hack and lots of it!   Steph gave us plenty of opportunity to practice skills learnt over the past few weeks so we could really start to consolidate good habits by having longer chunks of time to practice on the open road. The key for me was the distance that we were able to travel in trot enabling us to adjust our technique, under constant supervision from Steph.  Shortening my washing line reins – check; ensuring my thumbs are on top of my reins  facing upwards – check; arms and elbows close to my waist to maintain my posture and parallel lines – check; try to keep my feet from rolling outwards – sort of check; sitting down gently in my seat in rising trot – check.

All that practice and I’m feeling more confident that I’m not just sitting on a horse and hoping for the best but really engaging my brain with the riding process & using these skills to help me gradually become a better rider!

Sorry not many pictures this week – I will try and get some tomorrow.


Lorna, Steph, Mel, Jenny and Helen after our instructional hack, November 2013

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