Live the Adventure Staff Training Day


To kick start the 2014 season all of the staff at Live The Adventure will undertake some some training days and some away days to consolidate and update existing skills, develop some new ones and generally have some fun staff days together.

The first of these was run yesterday with Ant & Bill taking  Duncan, Holly, Alex and Iain into wales to blow off some cobwebs by paddling the river Usk. With the water at a good medium flow the group started at Sennybridge and completed the journey down to Brecon taking 3 hours of paddling.

On an unusually mild day we all kitted up, with Alex taking the bolder option of wearing shorts  and the rest of us maybe over layering and needing to cool off by the end. After a quick warm up (pushing the minibus out of the mud!) we jumped on the river with some of the group more rusty than others! We used the trip to stop and scout some of the great ledge drops on the river and there was some areas to retest our skills, work off some festive food and have a fun trip down the river. After catching Duncan out who was sneaking his boat around one of the drops discreetly, we persuaded him and all of the staff to brush up on their skills and run each section of river. The first of many river trips for 2014 completed.

Staff Training Day

Staff Training Day

Keep an eye out for the staff blogs following over the next few weeks to see what we are all up to.

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