Blog 2 – James’ training update for Tour of the Dragon – 6 weeks to go!

Recent big events have contributed to James’ Tour of the Dragon training including riding the Dartmoor Classic (107 mile road race) on 15 June where he just missed out on the gold medal standard for his age group (6hrs 45 mins  for the 40-45 yr old age group) by 1 minute as he stopped to talk to his Aunty enroute, completing the course in 6hrs 46 minutes.

James is currenJames Griffiths 100 mile time trial Shropshiretly leading the Shropshire Cycling Association time trial league.  Round 12 of this league was a 100 mile time trial on Sunday 6 July where James came 20th overall and was the 6th fastest placed Shropshire rider.  He was trying to ride a sub 4 hr schedule but the poor weather, heavy rain and head winds on the return, meant conditions were not condusive to a fast time and he blew up, making slow progress, in the last 20 miles.  James was just happy to complete in 4hr 23mins – a 10 minute improvement on his past best time for a 100 time trial on this difficult distance. Strava stats below:

Continuing his success in the Ludlow Cycling Club league he took the win last week in a fixed gear event (where competitors choose a gear and stay in that same gear for the full 10 mile time trial).

All great training but nothing compares to riding at altitude where during the Tour of the Dragon participants  gain nearly 4000m and lose 4000m of climbing. Combining these two figures, it nearly becomes the height of mountain Everest and James  is going to do it without the oxygen tank – hopefully!  Especially for an international participant from sea level, one has to keep in mind that race takes one over four high mountain passes which on average are well above over 3000m (9800ft).  With 50% of participants failing to finish, altitude is one serious factor and acclimatisation essential!  Will 6 days be enough?

More details about bike choice dilemmas to follow next week!

Check out this video for details of the 130 miler James did in 3 stages at the weekend and Strava stats below.

In the meantime,  if can spare a few pounds please donate on James’ Just Giving page raising money for Spinal Research.  It will really help with his motivation






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  • Gordon Jackson

    Great stuff Giff,

    I’m tired if I drive my car more than two hours let alone cycle for six!!!
    Brilliant way to follow the progress with thus blog!!
    I’m all signed up and following!
    I’d better sponsor your next!

    Cheers and good luck!