Packing our boats ready for our Sea Kayak trip in Sweden…

As you read the latest blog we are just packing the boats for our latest adventure….

‘Sweden Sea Kayak Safari’
This our second year running this guided Sea kayak trip through the stunning archipelago islands off the west coast of Sweden. With no tidal concerns and hundreds of islands to navigate through it supplies a stunning backdrop to some of the best adventure Sea Kayaking in the world.

Combine this with the ability to stop and camp on any of the remote islands over night, pull out your rods or sit and watch the sun go down, its a great self supported adventure.

Having landed in Gothenburg on Sunday morning we then collected the hire vehicle and take a drive north following the coastal road through some idyllic villages and towns to Hunnebostrand. Here Bill and I shopped for the food supplies and Menu for the entire trip, all of which has to be carried from our departure point and shared out in our kayaks. With Bill looking after the Menu for the group and me the navigation and route, the trip is in the style of group participation where we encourage everyone to get involved with the journey.

Following the shop it was then onto Ramsvik, a coastal holiday cabin site on the edge of the water and an ideal location to prepare for the departure.

Early this morning our kayaks arrived from the friends and outfitters we hire from at Nautopp, and the morning is spent with me helping everyone learn the packing techniques of a sea kayak loading everything through a small deck hole on the front and the back of the kayaks. Using a combination of tandem and single kayaks we manage to share out the load and supplies for the next 4 days that will be spent away from the mainland. Meanwhile Bill heads off in the hire vehicle to one of the licensed retailers selling the necessary additional fluids required for the trip, best consumed around a camp fire!

With everyone loaded and kitted out for all weather 9although its started pretty well so far) we head off this morning to commence our journey averaging around 10 miles a day and up to 6 hours in a kayak, broken up with stops on remote beaches for lunch and admiring the many viewpoints along the way. The next 3 nights will be spent out under canvas and the stars before heading for our final night on Valo island, one of the tallest viewpoints across the archipelagos and a much needed shower! On Friday we depart Velo for the short crossing back to the mainland and our return journey back to Gothenburg.

Kayaks loaded, fishing rods ready and the whole ocean in front of us – follow the blogs as we go.



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