Blog 6 – All packed and ready to depart!

Ant and James depart tomorrow from Heathrow with a lot of of luggage and an attempt to sneak in a little more than the allowed 30KG each for their flight to Kathmandu Nepal.

They land in Nepal for an over night stay before departing on their 1 hour flight across the Himalayas on Sunday to Paro, Bhutan.

For Ant its familiar surroundings and a second home after nearly 25 years of adventure travel, guiding and work in the Himalayas. His first trip to Nepal was at the age of 21 summiting his first Himalayan Peaks. Since then he has guided in the mountains and on the rivers throughout Nepal, run international training programs and trained up local staff and international travel operators. Their Flight into Nepal first allows him to collect kit he stores in the office ‘Live The Adventure’ Partners in Kathmandu, and catch up with a few friends! They then fly onto Bhutan where Ant first visited in 2006 under royal invitation to have unlimited access to explore this hidden Kingdom and visit areas no previous westerners had ever seen. Since then he has pioneered adventure travel itineraries, helped set up the first adventure travel operators and train the first Bhutanese guides with recognised certification. He will be working with his good friends from ‘Xplore Bhutan’ to ensure the logistics for there visit go smoothly and James is fully prepared for race day.

For James its a completely new experience to visit Asia and particularly the Himalayas, a region he has wanted to visit for many years. With restricted and controlled tourism in Bhutan, taking part in this race will allow Anthony to take him to areas of the country that are normally normally only frequented by just the locals, and offer him the chance to really immerse himself in the culture and surroundings of this Hidden Buddhist Kingdom first hand.

With their bags packed and departure tomorrow from London, they will place daily Facebook updates and tweets for you to follow their adventures and Ant will be posting video posts every other day on the Live The Adventure Blog on the website of the preparation leading up to the race.

Blog 6 – Uk departure from Live The Adventure on Vimeo.




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