Half a lifetime in the Himalayas!

Its been 22 years since my first trip out to Nepal to climb a summit in the Everest region. Having now completed so many return trips sometimes 2 or 3 times a year into Nepal and Bhutan, I’d struggle to add up the the total duration of my time here to date! This has now become a second home, a place to chill out and have fun, but equally now the basis for development of work and the changing business.

Over the last 5 or 6 years this love of instructing, coaching and guiding was the basis for ‘The Old Vicarage Centre’ to evolve into its present day format: ‘Live The Adventure Ltd’ , and expand its international travel and training programs both home and abroad.

Now 22 years later I sit here in ‘New Orleans’ Cafe, Kathmandu, programming our 2014 world wide guided trips, International training programs, consultations with the government of Bhutan and international educational courses with colleges and Universities. We even have bespoke training programs on the cards in places as diverse as Sri Lanka and Armenia, not to mention the growing programs back home with our coaching courses, Instructor Academy, and extensive range of rescue training for the emergency services.

My, have things moved on since that first coffee (rum and cokes )here in Nepal at the age of 21!

This blog is the basis of what we are doing and where we are doing it.  Follow our blog to keep up to date as we  ‘Live The Adventure”


We have just found this picture of Ant in his younger days!  Hope he doesn't mind!

We have just found this picture of Ant in his early 20’s to accommpany his reminiscings above!


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