Sweden Sea Kayak and Sea Food Safari Trip

Sweden so far….

5 days into our trip so far and we are setting up camp once again.

Its been a pretty wet day today but thoroughly enjoyed by all , we had a coffee invite of local fisherman at 11 am as we paddled past and he insisted on a whiskey before we went to keep us warm!

After yesterdays raw oyster eating we have managed to catch crab for tonight’s meal!

We also paddled past Ingrid Bergman family island!

Check out the track made with Navionics Europe, ver 4.6, iOS 6.1!

 Start Time: 29 May 2013 10:39

End Time: 29 May 2013 17:17

 Active track info:

 Distance: 9.9 mi

Total time: 6H 37M

Average Speed: 1.5 mph

Max Speed: 5.8 mph

Click on the attached .kmz file to see it in Google Earth!

 Enjoy Navionics… Anytime, Anywhere..

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