Travel experts, Live the Adventure, chosen to promote world’s toughest bike race by Bhutanese Olympic Committee

Outdoor travel expert Live The Adventure has been chosen as the only company outside the Kingdom of Bhutan to promote the Tour of the Dragon, billed as the world’s toughest bike race.

Official marketing partners for the Tour of the Dragon

Official marketing partners for the Tour of the Dragon

Travelling across one of the world’s most mysterious and inaccessible countries, the Tour of the Dragon is a Himalayan adventure like no other – 268kms of mountainous terrain with an almost vertical two-kilometre climb across the finish line.

Only one man from the UK has ever competed in the epic contest and half of all people who enter fail to complete this unique marathon.

Live The Adventure has been organising trips to some of the world’s most inhospitable climates for more than 25 years and founder Ant Eddies-Davies is proud to be the only company outside Bhutan chosen to promote the race.

“We have spent many years with the people of Bhutan, fostering incredible relationships on the ground and promoting truly sustainable tourism,” says Ant. “It’s what makes our trips so successful – seeing Bhutan like no-one else sees it.

“The Tour of the Dragon is an event like no other and we are delighted to have been chosen to promote it outside this incredible kingdom.”

Bike enthusiasts are already queuing up to pit their wits against the Dragon on September 5, 2015.

“We’ve had enquiries from all over the world already and it really appears to have captured the imagination,” Ant continued.

“Cycling as a sport has exploded in the UK over the last five or six years and people are always looking for the next challenge.”

However, for those whose legs aren’t quite up to this physical epic, there’s still a chance to enjoy the race and the jaw-dropping scenery.

“Of course, we know not everyone can cope with a 268km race so there is also a 60km version called Dragons Fury,” says Ant.

“Indeed, some people may just want to see the start and the finish so we are able to create fully bespoke itineraries for anyone looking to see Bhutan up close.”

Ant is one of the most experienced rescue instructors in Britain, training everyone from the emergency services to international defence forces.

He mapped the Bhutanese river system for the country’s esteemed royal family and helped train their own guides.

“It is just an amazing country,” Ant smiled. “We always add a healthy dose of adventure into our travel trips so people see the country in a totally different light – by foot, by bike and by kayak.

“We’ve spoken with people who’ve been to Bhutan and all they’ve seen are the temples and monasteries – one after another. Naturally these are an important part of the country but our trips are about experiencing the country in a fresh and unique way.”


Live the Adventure Ltd was originally established in 1984 as the Old Vicarage Adventure Centre. It is still operated by the same family with a track record that speaks for itself and a business that has established itself as one of the leading adventure companies operating in the UK and abroad.

In February 2015 it became the international marketing partner for the Tour of the Dragon, the toughest bike race in the world held every September in Bhutan. Live The Adventure is the only company outside Bhutan to be given this accreditation by the Bhutanese Olympic Committee.

As a training provider Live The Adventure offers one of the most diverse ranges of professional training programmes and courses in the UK, instructing everyone from the emergency service to international defence forces.


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