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International River Guide Training has produced a very high standard of Guides some of which are now working as successful guides in the US, UK, Nepal, Bhutan, India, Canada, Europe, Zambia, Ethiopia, Zimbabwe, Australia and New Zealand. Please see testimonials from the participants themselves and also some of the companies that they have gone onto work for.

Finn Henry volunteered with us at GRG for 2 and a half months after completing his IRGT in Nepal with Ant and Gerry. We briefly met him before the course (he joined one of our Sun Kosi trips) and it was great to see the progress he had made during the raft guide training. He got on extremely well with all our local staff, was very hardworking and keen to learn and improve his skills all the time (not just with the rafting and kayaking, but also around camp, food preparation, kit repairs etc). We loved having him with us and would happily welcome him back, it was also great to be able to give a young guide some experience in a different country which will hopefully boost his CV when looking for work back at home.

Maila Gurung, GRG Adventure Kayaking www.grgadventurekayaking.com

We were so happy to work with Jaime here at Adrenaline Rush Nepal. Jaime is a fantastic kayaker and a budding river guide. His incredibly easy going nature and great work ethic made him fit right in with us here in Nepal. He is well liked by everyone here and we can’t say enough good things about his personality. He is a strong confident safety kayaker and in his second year working with us he return as a safety kayaker/photographer. He has worked for us for 2 seasons and we can’t wait until he comes back again.

Adrenaline Rush Nepal

”The most amazing course available on the world market, if you want to ‘Live the Adventure’ go on this course and feel alive!!! I’m now working in Australia in the Adventure Travel industry and looking forward to exploring the world with my new skill set.”

Glenn Simleit – Graduate

“The International River Guide Training (IRGT) is an awesome way to gain world class qualifications on some of the best river conditions in the world. It opens the door to a whole world of adventure and I would recommend it to any white water enthusiast who wants to further their skill set”

Alistair Dorward – Graduate

“Nepal exceeded all my expectations. I arrived with a passion for the outdoors and left with the skills set and confidence to set me up for a career in the outdoors. I am now applying for an instructor position at the National Outdoor Leadership School in the USA. Gerry and Anthony inspired each of us to push ourselves”

Isabelle Lafferty – Graduate

“The entire raft guide training course was an extremely rewarding experience, and one that I seriously recommend. The LTA Training course leaders have unparalleled knowledge and are very encouraging, and the programme caters for all skill levels, so you are always pushing yourself to your limits. Absolutely awesome.”

Jake Thompson – Graduate

”I had the privilege of doing the International River Guide Training course with Gerry Moffatt and Anthony Eddies Davis in October 2012. I can’t say enough about the way this course was run; their professionalism, local knowledge, experience and everything else down to their humour and their music taste made this course the most worthwhile two weeks of my life. Further than just the skills and qualifications I gained from doing the course, I found being around Gerry and Ant inspiring. As well as delivering internationally recognized course curriculum, they went above and beyond what was advertised for the course sharing their vast experience and passing invaluable lessons of work ethic, respect for the environment and of the importance of giving back to the industry”.

Finnian Henry – Graduate

“The IRGT course was a huge personal challenge and a great adventure and I’m thrilled with the skills it’s given me. Looking forward to seeing the footage of the course you took! Haven’t made any definite plans for next year yet, but I’m working on it and will keep you posted. It was really great to have met you and to have had a chance to chat to you about what you do. You are an inspiration!”

Julie Spruyt – IRGT Graduate

“Three weeks of incredible river training… I received qualifications and skill sets that have opened up a world of opportunities. I’d recommend the international river guide training (IRGT) Course to any adventure enthusiast.”

Ewan Reissmann – IRGT Graduate

“Himalayan river-running is phenomenal. It’s amazing how much you can learn in three weeks! International River Guide Training (IRGT) is an awesome course with highly knowledgeable and enthusiastic leaders. You won’t find a better training programme and international experience on the market.”

Lorraine Koller – IRGT Graduate

“My experience in Nepal was simply amazing, the people, the culture and their outlook on life. The Raft Guide Training Course, was probably the most enjoyable, satisfying experience of my life, the whole course was run with total professionalism, it maximised the fun element, but at the same time Health and Safety was always priority. The staff, both English and Nepalese, did everything to make my course enjoyable; I couldn’t even recommend anything that could have made the course better. Since the course I have continued to book expeditions with the Live the Adventure (LTA) Training, and have become friends with many of the staff”.

Paul Newman – IRGT Graduate

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Raft Guide Training Testimonials | LTA Training Raft Guide Training Testimonials | LTA Training Raft Guide Training Testimonials | LTA Training Raft Guide Training Testimonials | LTA Training Raft Guide Training Testimonials | LTA Training