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To get a real taste of adventure there’s no better way of seeing a country than perched on a saddle. With the wind in your hair and the sun on your face, the true beauty of these magical lands looms into view. Our guides have put together a series of trips to ensure you get access to places no other Westerner has seen.

Bhutan is also home to the Tour of the Dragon, billed as the toughest one-day bike race in the world. Of course, 268km in one day may be out of reach but we can tailor each trip to your ability. Time to saddle up!

Tour of the Dragon -

Tour of the Dragon

For serious adrenaline junkies, the Tour of the Dragon is renowned as the hardest one day mountain bike race in the world, this 268km journey crosses four high Himalayan passes ranging from 1200m to 3340m in height starting at 2am in central Bhutan and finishing in the capital of Thimphu later that same day.  

Dragon's Fury -

Dragon’s Fury

The Dragon’s Fury starts is a 60km race segment of theTour of the Dragon bike race. The scenic beauty surrounding the rider in Bhutan is breathtakingly beautiful. The high mountains, deep mystic valleys, pristine forests combined with centuries old culture of Bhutan envelopes the biker wherever in the country.

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Non Race Day Biking Itinerary

This an alternative option for those non racers who would like to follow the excitement of the Tour of the Dragon or Dragon's Fury races without entering; this option includes an internal fight back to Para to catch all the participants across the finish line.

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Bike Across Bhutan

Live the Adventure recently guided Cyclist Magazine across Bhutan following this route. Our pioneering itinerary enables riders of all abilities to enjoy an amazing bike tour taking in the stunning scenery, hidden valleys, culture and high Himalayan passes that Bhutan has to offer. The same highly experienced guide will accompany this trip with extensive knowledge …