• Success for first ever SUP expedition to Bhutan - well done ladies!

    Mission accomplished. A successful result by the 11 ladies from Singapore and Dubai representing ‘Women On A Mission’. They are officially the first SUP team to travel to this hidden Himalayan Kingdom and also claim the first descent of some of its rivers. Nearly 12 months ago I was contacted and chosen by the group […]

  • Preparation Day as the first ever fleet of SUP’s arrive in Bhutan

    It was a little like Christmas in Bhutan this morning - big boys opening big toys, as the first fleet of SUP’s in the country get unboxed and checked over on our preparation day.  The talented team of river guides here were excited to see them arrive and eager to learn all about the worlds […]

  • The challenge of world expeditions - its not all fun!

    I guess it sounds all exciting and as many comment, an easy job! The 10, 15, 30 days that encompass an expedition are actually the easist part - providing the homework and planning has been done - and that is the challenge, to plan and prepare for all eventualities ahead of them ever happening. When […]

  • SUP expedition to Bhutan - Another world first!

    Its been nearly 12 months since I got an email asking ‘can you guide a group in Bhutan for us? Its been over 10 years since my first visit exploring prestine untouched rivers, doing first descents and mapping the river systems under invitation. Since then I have helped to establish the first river operators, trained […]

  • Amazing write up in The Week out today and online by our Travel expert Anthony Eddies-Davies on Bhutan’s rare beauty

    The Himalayan kingdom is off most tourists’ radar, but with its fascinating history and spectacular scenery, it won’t be for long Mention Bhutan and the first question most people will ask is: “Where is it?” - if they’ve heard of it at all. Many people give a blank look and then confuse it with Borneo. […]

  • Nepal Appeal - 5 school target!

    Its been 18 months since the devastating earthquake in Nepal and the Nepal Appeal Charity is still raising funds and supporting some of the most affected rural communities. Our immediate response was to help those most needing support with the rebuild of homes and also to fund the building of new water wells to supply […]

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