SUP expedition to Bhutan - Another world first!

Its been nearly 12 months since I got an email asking ‘can you guide a group in Bhutan for us?

Its been over 10 years since my first visit exploring prestine untouched rivers, doing first descents and mapping the river systems under invitation. Since then I have helped to establish the first river operators, trained and certifed the first guides, shipped equipment over to Bhutan, and talked at the first Toursim Board seminar for the river industry.

Of course over this period I have had the privilege of guiding many trips and descents of rivers by kayak and rafts with clients, right across Bhutan.

Of course I could guide a trip in Bhutan - was my answer!

This request was slightly different though - They want to do it on SUP”s (Stand Up Paddle Boards). The email was from the owner of a Stand Up paddle board school in Singapore, the group, 12 established business women from Singapore, Manila and Dubai - all part of a charity called ‘Women On a Mission’. Each year this group of women challenge themselves to an expedition, and in doing so, raise money for a Womens charity in the country they visit.

The Challenge was on - to do the first SUP expedition to Bhutan with a group I have never met. Not only is the challenge of guiding the trip - thats the easiest bit. Planning the trip, expedition logistics, getting the first SUP’s into Bhutan before the group, and having to come to terms with a little jealousy from friends and family - thats the real challenge.

For me expeditions are all about the whole process, from that inital call through to the adventure itself. Its a journey that started 12 months ago, hours of planning, phone calls, research and correspondence - all of which will be completed in 8 days time.

I’m now on route to Nepal - to prepare for the trip, gather my kit from storage and head into Bhutan to prepare for the group to arrive on the 23rd. I’ll be posting updates to follow on the progress of the expedition and in the next few days will include an insight into what it takes to run a world first in the Himalayas…its not all easy!


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