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Adrenaline Junkie

Think you’ve pushed yourself to the limit on your travels? You haven’t until you’ve been on one of our epic adventures. Whether it’s riding through Himalayan passes thousands of metres above sea level or kayaking through swollen mountain rivers, at Live the Adventure we thrive on adrenaline. Guided by Ant Eddies-Davies, one of the world’s most experienced outdoor instructors who has trained everyone from international defence forces to emergency services, you’ll be in safe hands no matter where you go.

Adventure Bhutan -

Adventure Bhutan

Living up to its name, this magical 11 day journey through this ancient Himalayan Kingdom includes trekking, kayaking and white water rafting, journeying past colourful monasteries and ancient temples that stand silhouetted against the mountainsides just as they have for hundreds of years. Wildlife is abundant, rivers are pristine and forests unaltered is largely undiscovered …

Tour of the Dragon -

Tour of the Dragon

For serious adrenaline junkies, the Tour of the Dragon is renowned as the hardest one day mountain bike race in the world, this 268km journey crosses four high Himalayan passes ranging from 1200m to 3340m in height starting at 2am in central Bhutan and finishing in the capital of Thimphu later that same day.  

Inside Bhutan -

Inside Bhutan

The ultimate adventure travel itinerary offers a unique perspective to this kingdom as we explore Bhutan by private transport, bike and raft. The 16 day itinerary culminates in a totally self-sufficient 4 day descent of the stunning Drangme Chu River draining towards India and into the Manas National Park, a UNESCO world heritage site, where …

Dragon's Fury -

Dragon’s Fury

The Dragon’s Fury starts is a 60km race segment of theTour of the Dragon bike race. The scenic beauty surrounding the rider in Bhutan is breathtakingly beautiful. The high mountains, deep mystic valleys, pristine forests combined with centuries old culture of Bhutan envelopes the biker wherever in the country.

Chomalhari trek -

Snow Leopard Trek

The land locked Kingdom of Bhutan comprises mountains, forests and rivers and offers all that the Himalayas has to offer. For centuries the Bhutanese have travelled through their country on foot and the trails they used then have today been developed as trekking trails.

Non race day trip image

Non Race Day Biking Itinerary

This an alternative option for those non racers who would like to follow the excitement of the Tour of the Dragon or Dragon's Fury races without entering; this option includes an internal fight back to Para to catch all the participants across the finish line.