If your idea of adventure travel is sat at the back of a coach then Live The Adventure is not for you. Adventure is not just in our name, it’s in our blood. But it doesn’t have to mean ‘extreme’…we have adventures for everyone, from 5 to 105!

Whether this is your first adventure travel experience or you are a seasoned traveller, Live the Adventure offers a full range of programmes and itineraries to suit all ages and abilities.

And we mean that! We’ve had children, adults and pensioners on our travel trips over the years and long may that continue. What we are exceptional at is ensuring that each trip is suitable - providing the right level of thrill and adventure combined with breathtaking vistas and some cultural highlights.

We know you want to immerse yourself in the country but we also know you don’t want to see that from the back of a tour bus. Adventure is in our blood, so whether you’re looking for a multi activity adventure, a raft trip through the heart of a mystical land or the chance to summit a Himalayan peak, we can help.

Experience is key and you will have read elsewhere about our expertise in adventure travel. We can’t overstate this enough because would you really want to head off to Nepal with a travel company who only knows the same routes as everyone else?

We wouldn’t, that’s why we’ve spent years researching the places that other operators cannot reach!

In tandem with our representatives in-country, a trip with Live the Adventure is like no other.

We have graded our trips to give you a rough guide as to the levels of stamina and fitness required but we also provide training opportunities before you go out, so if you’ve never been in a kayak before there’s no need to worry - we’ll get you up and running so you can see places such as Bhutan and Nepal like never before.

Each of our hand-picked trips will give you chances to see each country at its best - away from the beaten track. Trips to Nepal offer the chance to go on elephant safaris and white water rafting, while if you got to Bhutan you can seek out snow leopards or take part in the world’s toughest bike race.

Our hugely successful trips to Sweden combine kayaking off the coast with a sea food tour, while we also offer river rafting and canoeing in the Grand Canyon if the US is on your bucket list.

It really doesn’t get more exciting that this!