Appeal Update


A Public and Personal Appeal

Thank you to all of you that have donated and for the support offered both with events we are running here in the UK to raise money and with any projects we can support in Nepal.

You will have seen shocking pictures and footage of the events that are still unfolding as a result of the Earthquake, and we will continue to see more as the remote areas of Nepal are yet to be reached by rescue teams and the real extend of this disaster is yet to be realised.

Our appeal is a result of your desire to support and a public response to support the people that make Nepal so special. For me it is also a very personal appeal.

Nearly 25 years ago I visited an area of Nepal and came across an area that became one of my favorite places on the planet. I spent many a season working and guiding out there, training local staff and supporting local businesses. Many of my staff volunteered time in Nepal working with the local guides and we welcomed local guides to come and join us in the UK. My family lived there and their family with us.

More recently some of you were involved with me in a project lasting 2 years to support a rural school. Working with the community we repaired old classrooms and built new ones, supplied teaching material and sports equipment, and whilst some built and painted, others taught the school children and the community around it.


Live the Adventure School Project

Live the Adventure School Project

I did this for the community I loved and because they had asked for the help, which many of you did – Thank you. Now that school has gone, flattened to the ground along with many of the family’s houses around it.


This is just one example of the reason we are fundraising. I have already spoken to the locals and told them that I will rebuild this school and I will find the funds to do so. Many of you have already volunteered both money and time to go back and help to do this. This is just one of the many projects that need our help.

I have also volunteered much of my time travelling to Nepal with the pleasure of training the guides and being able to offer them recognised certification that they would not normally be able to get. These are my colleagues and friends and the people that make your visits to Nepal so special. I’ve shared food and lived in their homes, and have a bond that stretches half way around the world.
They are some of most talented guides in the world who just love there job and ask for very little else.

Training Local River guides from Live The Adventure on Vimeo.

This video is about Training Local River guides

It is sad to hear that many of these guides have lost the one most important thing to them – their homes.



If a nation can recover from such a disaster it is Nepal. Look at the pictures and footage again, but this time look at the resilience and positivity of the people to help each other and themselves.

Our target is £25,000, and this appeal is to help people such as this rebuild their lives and rebuild their communities.

Thank you for all of your support so far, and please share with others,


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