It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…

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By Holly

Christmas is well and truly just around the corner, and the Christmas shopping is about to begin (or some of you may have already started)

Everyone’s thoughts are turning to Christmas plans, Christmas day, who will be spending the day with who, where will you be spending it and who’s turkey is going to be the biggest. But if you are anything like me there is always something in the back of my mind that keeps me from enjoying the Christmas spirit this early – presents!

I spend hours and hours on my IPAD in the evenings looking for gifts for people, writing down little notes on my phone every time I think of a brilliant idea for someone! I don’t like Christmas shopping as much anymore – I’m not quite sure why but going to an actual shop to buy an actual present just doesn’t really do it for me anymore – especially when you’re buying for people who have absolutely everything!

I think it’s because I’m old enough now to have to actually buy the WHOLE family proper Christmas presents and don’t get away with giving everyone a packet of Percy pigs!

But there is something amazing about Christmas when you get older; you actually start to enjoy giving presents just as much as receiving them which is a very new thing for me! That anticipation of giving presents and knowing that you have 100% nailed it on a gift for someone is the best feeling ever – it’s that present that you keep going on about, keep telling people about….’ You will never guess what I brought Mum…’ knowing that your present is going to completely smash everyone else’s out the park on Christmas day.


Our ‘Gift’ The Adventure Experiences are designed to do just that… Smash everyone else’s presents out the park! They are carefully put together by our adventure experts and designed to give someone an amazingly thoughtful adventure gift. So you can look forward to Christmas earlier than usual this year knowing you have brought something different and unique for the ones you love.

Live the Adventure are providing something wonderful this Christmas and we are here to help – so why not give us a call and chat though our fantastic experiences from Stand up Paddle Boarding days, White-water rafting experience days, Horse Riding Holidays and so much more!

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