Nepal Appeal - Registered Charity Status

Things are moving very quickly with the Nepal Appeal and the support both financially and from the public has been overwhelming.

The ‘Nepal Appeal’ was started the day after the first Earthquake in Nepal as a result of the devastation that it caused. Knowing the country very well after 25 years of time there and having both Nepalese friends and colleagues affected as a result of this disaster, led to the immediate realisation that Nepal was going to need assistance, now and well into the future, to rebuild the communities that have been so badly affected. The appeal was also set up as a result of so many of you asking us how you could help support the people of Nepal in some way.

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The ‘Nepal Appeal’ fund-raising started immediately with a Pub Quiz on the day the second earthquake hit Nepal, followed the following week with a cheese and wine evening to launch the new Appeal website and a list of fundraising events throughout the year.

A charity bank account was opened, trustees appointed and the appeal applied to the UK charities commission for official charity status before I headed out to Nepal. This time last week I was in Nepal, able to witness first hand the devastation of parts of Kathmandu and especially the rural areas in the Sindhupolchok district in the North East, a region dramatically affected by both earthquakes and an area I know very well.

My visit was both to support the many friends and colleagues out there and also to look at how we could help with the long term recovery. With many stories relating to the funds and aid being sent to Nepal and from my own personal experience, it was essential we identified a way to place the funds that we raised directly into projects and communities on the ground in Nepal.

Whilst there I was able to identify areas that were going to need desperate help in the form of financial aid. I witnessed the desire by the villages to help them selves but they would need the funds to buy materials and direction in how to build earthquake proof homes.

In 4 days in we had identified how the homes where to be built, identified a starting point and region, and a team of volunteers to help the rebuild, and importantly a way of making sure funds go directly to the much needed projects. The formation of Non Government Organisation’s (NGO) within Nepal such as ‘The Mandala Organisation’ with respected trustees and board members (local and international) ensures that that funds transferred to Nepal go direct into the much needed communities.


Five weeks after the first earthquake we have today had confirmation that the ‘Nepal Appeal’ has officially gained charity status and issued a charity number by the UK charity commission. We now have everything in place to ensure funds that you help raise are accountable and go to those that most need it and can benefit from Gift aid.

The charity is up and running, the first project has been funded through the Mandala Organisation, the first home being built as I write this, and the means of ensuring money goes directly to those communities that need it. Your money is now helping in Nepal and will continue to do so.

In tomorrow’s Blog I will give the full details of this first funded project by ‘The Nepal Appeal’, and an example of what your funds have gone to. At the fundraising open day at Live The Adventure this Sunday 31st, I’ll be sharing film footage of my visit showing the devastation, but also the hope and resilience of such a wonderful nation as the rebuild starts.


This is the start of a long term effort to help rebuild communities in the hardest hit areas of Nepal. Please share the blogs and face book posts, but also join in with the events and fund-raising efforts as we help rebuild the home of adventure.


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