£50,000 target reached and the completion of the first school!

To hit the original target of £25,000 earlier than anticipated in September was amazing. To reset that target to a massive £50,000 to be reached by Christmas was a challenge!

But you did it!  This week that £50,000 target was achieved as the first school rebuild was completed - An overwhelming thank you to each and every individual, school, organisation, company…….. and all that have been involved.

Whilst the news of Nepal has subsided the problems out there have continued. Political problems whilst forming a new constitution have meant strikes and road blocks as India closed its trade routes to Nepal, creating a lack of essential fuel, gas to cook on and supplies entering Nepal. This action by India has resulted in massive disruption and day to day life for all of Nepal, and also the rebuild of the country and communities affected as a result of the earthquake in April.

Did you hear about the 5.1 earthquake in the Sindupolchok region just a week ago or the 4.1 this week? So whilst it may not be in the news it is still avery real situation for those living there. Your continued support is very much appreciated and for those we are supporting, of very real benefit to know they are not forgotten as they struggle to get back to a normal way of life.

Due to the recent disruption it has been a challenge to move materials and continue with the projects we are presently funding. The rebuild of the homes mentioned on the last blog have now restarted and I’ll be posting updates soon as these are completed.

I’m pleased to say that the school in Kodari that we are funding is just having the final touches done to the main rebuild and excited children are ready to get back to school! This is the school that we started supporting back in 2009 with a new classroom, and was totally flattened as a result of the earthquake. On my visit 2 weeks after the devastation I promised the community we would rebuild it for them. The new design was presented at the summer ball we held in August and then in September I met the teacher and some of the community on site as the first foundation went down. The money you have helped to raise has completed the first of many schools we aim to not just rebuild, but support well into the future.

school new

Children excited to be back in their new school in Kodari. The first of a number of schools the Nepal Appeal is supporting

I’m awaiting pictures from colleagues as the school reopens to the children and the homes are completed, and as we start the next remote school rebuild . I’ll post some updates soon as we have them.

Your money is going directly into some fantastic projects on the ground, benefiting those directly affected as the result of such devastation. From all of those involved here in the UK and Nepal in the rebuild, and the lives of so many you are helping - a massive thank you, it is not possible without your help.



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