A Very Happy Easter and thank you from the children of Nepal!

A wonderful afternoon with the children parents and staff at Kodari school

With the last of the group arriving late last night it was an early departure from Kathmandu for the 2 half hour drive to the Sindupolchok district, our destination for the coming week. Once settled into our base at Sukute, we hiked up the 45 minute steep dusty and very humid ascent to Kodari to see the completed school buildings we have funded.  We were greeted by not only most of the 120 schools children, but teachers, community leaders and parents all very excited by our visit and to show off their new School.

Having had a connection with the school since 2008 it was personally great to see some familiar faces and be greeted with such welcoming hugs and smiles.

The children lined up in class groups, sang us the national anthem and after the teachers each gave us each tikka, the children presented flowers and neck garments to us all. Following this we presented the school with items we had brought with us including school books, footballs, cricket sets, pens, pencils, skipping ropes……

With the current work at the school complete the afternoon was a chance for the group to see the positive affect of all the fund raising and support we have been able to provide, and spend the next few hours interactive with the school children, parents and embers of the community.

I was proudly shown around the new classrooms by the headmaster and briefly discussed how there are still items to consider developing at the school to enhance what we have already funded.

One of the group and charity trustees, Andrew, presented the school with a laptop to add to the workstation set up that has just been brought for the school. This will make it the first school in the whole district to have the use of computers for staff and children.

The first school computers in the Sindupolchok district

The afternoon was bought to a wonderful conclusion with the addition of a marble plaque to be fitted to the school thanking the ‘Nepal Appeal’ (thats all of you!) for the amazing support and the planting of some trees in the grounds of the school, that will grow with our relationship into the future.

We all walked back down the hillside having witnessed directly the amazing and positive results of the charity support. I don’t think I would be exaggerating if I say the team where somewhat overwhelmed and emotional by the whole afternoon.

A great first day for the UK Nepal appeal team, but the real work starts tomorrow!

Tomorrow evening I’ll be siting down with the teachers and friends here in Nepal to discuss our ongoing support for the school as the remaining unused old part has now been condemned for use and will need replacing sometime in the future!

Nepal Appeal and Mandala organisation who helped these teachers get their school back!

It was great to see a completed project and spend time with those benefitting from our input, however, the harder works start tomorrow where we go to Siranchour school higher up the foothills to spend the next 3 days heaping to complete the build. Next blog soon!

Happy Easter



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