Blog 11 - Land of the Thunder Dragon - Job Done!

Ant and James have left Bhutan with the LTA ‘Tour of the Dragon’ team successfully completing their job. A big mention to ‘Xplore Bhutan’ the best adventure company in the country. Ant and explore owner ‘Yougs’ have worked together over the last 8 years, and continue to work together in pioneering adventure travel in this stunning kingdom, and their combined efforts have bought James as the first UK rider to the Tour Of The Dragon.

As Ant introduced James to the ancient tradition of ‘Menchu’ or hot stones baths on their last night, and Yougs ensured their accommodation was ‘something special’ they departed the ‘Land of the Thunder Dragon’ - job done in Bhutan! Well not quite! Ant has to edit 12 hours of footage into 20mins…… for show in the UK and an open evening with Ant and James for all of you that have followed us…film edit for the Bhutan olympic committee with the Prince’s consent…Ant’s back out in 6 weeks training the local guides… travel itineraries for you to join in with…… plenty more ahead…

The support has been amazing and overwhelming from every one and has been a massive help over the last week with messages and also donations to James charity - Spinal Research - he’s nearly hit his target of £2000!

Watch this space and we’ll keep you up to date - but for now - its bye from the Himalayas and back to the UK where we’ll post some more footage of The Hardest mountain bike race in the world!

Live the Adventure Team, Bhutan

Live the Adventure Team, Bhutan

Luxury hotel,  Bhutan

Luxury hotel, Bhutan

View from our hotel room

View from 5 star hotel room, Bhutan

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