Blog 7 - Arrival in Kathmandu!

The Adventure of Travel in Asia! Having checked in at Heathrow yesterday relatively trouble free. We had 60KG baggage limit to share and turned up with 85KG! The nice lady on the Jet Airways counter turned a blind eye and happy days, we were checked in. A beer at the terminal and an 8 hour flight to Delhi all was going well - too well!

James was later the introduced to the reality and joys of travel in Asia. Whilst waiting at the gate with 45 minutes until flight time they found us with a problem! I was promptly asked to escort them to security down stairs as they were concerned with an item in our baggage. Being accustomed to such delights I went with them and James stayed with hand luggage. Maybe wireless microphones and camera equipment came to mind! I was escorted to a closed room with 2 guards whilst they brought a bag to be opened under surveillance! As time clicked by for the flight and security convinced we had a lifejacket in a bag, we uncovered 2 x CO2 tyre inflating cylinders - which after explanation of not being any live ammunition they allowed us to repack and jump on our plane!

Locked in security at Delhi!

An hour later we were circling over Kathmandu with the announcement of low cloud and storms with the possibility of turning back to India! But all turned out well - touch down in Kathmandu with late monsoon rain and checked into Hotel. I am now sat with James introducing him to the compulsory Everest beer in my regular office in New Orleans bar! I’ve been to my local barber for a shave and haircut whilst James tries to work out Kathmandu with all its hustle and bustle!

Tomorrow we check in and go through the process again as we take the 1 hour flight into Paro, Bhutan. Quite a flight with less then a dozen trained to land there! Adventure travel at its best!

1st Blog from Bhutan tomorrow - until then, cheers!

In my office in Kathmandu!

In my office in Kathmandu!

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