Blog 8 - In Bhutan at last!

In Bhutan at last!

Ant and James left Kathmandu after Ant did a little haggling Nepali style! 30 KG extra baggage for £18.00 - bargain!

Touch Down Bhutan

Touch Down Bhutan

The Druk air flight is one of a kind, limited pilots qualified to fly a Airbus A319 through the Himalayan foothills, with perfect touchdown. According to plan Ant and James were met by an additional member of staff who flew in to meet them. Bob is working for Live The Adventure as a consultant and has joined the pair to experience the magic of Bhutan and support the team through the week. At the airport they were greeted by Karma, one of the most experienced cultural guides in Bhutan. Karma works for Anthony’s friend Uygen who runs Xplore Bhutan who are the countries premium adventure travel company that Anthony has helped to develop by training the staff and develop itineraries. Karma will act as the driver and on the ground expert for the next week. The teams complete!

On touch down it was a short drive to the hotel and then unpack and rebuild the bike from its journey across the globe, ready for some use tomorrow. Check out the video to see how James had some local company to rebuild his bike!

First impressions of Bhutan for James was that of peace and quiet and cleanliness, and the national dish - Ema Datshi (chilli’s in cheese sauce!) He and Bob are yet to man up, but have a week to do this!

After a sit down to discuss the weeks plan and race rules its time for a night cap before bed. Tomorrows the first training day as we start our journey East and race day 5 days away. James comment of the day: ‘I feel like I’ve been travelling for a week already!’.

Blog 8 - In Bhutan at Last! from Live The Adventure on Vimeo.

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